Law Enforcement and Security Professionals

We provide publicly accessible Bleeding Control Stations specifically designed for traumatic care and easily used by anyone able to render aid.
We offer Trauma Go-Bags, containing individual trauma kits that are suitable for controlled spaces, such as offices.
Each individual kit contains:
• CAT Tourniquet
• Compressed Sterile Gauze
• 4-inch Mini-Compression Bandage
• Heat Sheet Blanket
• Medical Scissors
• Writing Implement
• Nitrile Gloves
• Sequence of Care Card
Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) are available for security personnel.
The IFAK’s are designed to be worn on a vest, duty belt or attached to a vehicle visor.
We provide video training modules designed to demonstrate the proper usage of our medical products, sequence of medical care, and life-saving intervention skills.
These videos may be downloaded to your organization’s website, as a valuable resource for your personnel.
A Situational Awareness and Medical Training Guide, as well as in-house training for your organization, is available upon request.



  • PLS offers an array of custom products to meet the need of your specific organization.  PLS not only offers a wide variety of custom Self-Aid/Buddy Aid (SABA) or Individual First Aid Kits (IFAKs) for your uniformed personnel, we offer medical supplies designed specifically for your Department’s facility.  

  • PLS provides 3-D animated training modules designed to teach all of your personnel life-saving intervention skills, such as CAT tourniquet application, wound packing and how to place an injured person in the Recovery Position.