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Portable & easy to attach with Molle Straps on the back!

The Compact-Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK) and 3-D animated medical training were approved by the PLS Medical Director, Dr. Thomas Sprinkle, ensuring the medical products provided are of the highest quality available. Dr. Sprinkle is a military combat medical doctor with years of emergency medical training and service.
Each Compact IFAK contains the following items:
• One Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT, gen. 7)
• One 4” Mini-Compression Bandage
• One Compressed Sterile Gauze

• Nitrile Gloves
• Heatsheet Emergency Blanket
• Medical Scissors
• Grease Pencil
• Sequence of Care Card
Included with each Compact IFAK is a Flash Drive containing the following Medical Training Modules:
            a. Combat Application Tourniquet Instructions
            b. Wound Packing
            c. Airway Management (Recovery Position)
            d. Managing shock
Situational Awareness Safety Modules included, at no additional charge, upon request.

Retail Cost:  $90 
Price does not include shipping/handling. 

Promotional code discounts will be given at the time of purchase.


Once order form is received, a company representative will contact the purchaser to confirm the order and receive payment for the desired products. 
Checks and major credit cards are accepted.
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